What's New...!

Linkup SMS tutorials are available now in two folds,

  1. Download Single SMS tutorial .pdf
  2. Download Bulk SMS tutorial .pdf

  1. Linkup subscribers can now add more phone numbers to their existing contact groups created.
  2. Linkup SMS tutorials are also available for downloads.
  3. Linkup SMS tutorials can also be accessed by clicking on the Tutorials link above.
  4. Linkup SMS API is now available for developers

What's Up...!

Time Management

Time, effectively managed should yield positive results. Linkup gives you value of your time spent on SMS and other transactions through the Linkup application.

Enhanced SMS

Linkup provides a platform that links you to your respective friends (one-to-one) and you to your friends and families (one-to-many) and friends to friends or families to families (many-to-many)via SMS at extremely lesser cost.

Top-up Plans

Payment Handles

Payment Plan

Top-up your account anytime and anywhere using Mobile Money payment, mPower payments, or through the Bank and your account would be credited with the desired units.

Payment Handles